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We Make Housecalls!

On-Line Video Couseling

Are you sick and don't know where to begin to truly Change your Lifestyle?  Are you fighting chronic disease like diabetes 2, heart disease or cancer?  Are you receiving or undergoing Chemo Therapy, radiation or surgery for cancer? Do you just want to stay well and NOT get seriously sick again?  DO you need to lose weight but can never seem to stick to a diet? Do you want to embrace the Plant Based Lifestyle and gain all the benefits but don't understand how to truly get started?

If you are sick or recovering from treatments like chemo or recovering from surgery and want to rebuild your immune system we can help train you and get you started. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who truly understands what you are going through and the stresses and trama with which you must cope.  We have been there and overcome that.

Yes, like NO other Lifestyle Coaching program ANYWHERE, we will virtually come to you.  Skip is a lifestyle counselor who will work to get you started on the right path to Health & Wellness.  Certified Plant Based Chef and Author, Chef Nancy, will help guide you how to prepare easy, delicious meals. You can work in Your OWN Home Kitchen and with Chef Nancy's guidance, prepare delicious home cooked Whole Food Plant Based meals for you and your family.

We will adapt our on-site personal coaching program to work with you remotely; that means you can live anywhere on the planet that has suitable internet access.  What a World!

We can even come with you when you go shopping, work in your kitchen and look into and make recomendations to help you organize and stock your pantry.  All you need is your cell smart phone!

While we prefer to visit at your home, we understand that those expenses can add up, so we now offer a remote version of our in-home services.

Give it a try!  

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