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Are you sick and don't know where to begin to truly Change your Lifestyle?  Are you struggling with diabetes 2 and on drugs that are harming your kidneys?  Do you have high cholesterol, blood pressure and blocked arteries? Are you receiving or undergoing Chemo Therapy,radiation or surgery for cancer?  Do you just want to stay well and NOT get seriously sick again?  DO you need to lose weight but can never seem to stick to a diet? Maybe you just want to PREVENT these chronic diseases! Do you want to embrace the Plant Based Lifestyle and gain all the benefits but don't understand how to truly get started?


Yes, like NO other Lifestyle Coaching program ANYWHERE, we will come to YOU.  Skip is a lifestyle counselor who will work to get you started on the right path to Health & Wellness.  Certified Plant Based Chef and Author, Chef Nancy, will demonstrate and teach you how to prepare easy, delicious meals in Your OWN Home Kitchen!

You heard that right, WE will travel to YOU.  ALL you do is pay our expenses and a daily rate of $600 and we will visit Your Home, Set up Your Kitchen/Pantry and Teach you the basics of a Plant Based Lifestyle.  Yes, that includes teaching you the cooking basics of Plant Based Cuisine and HOW to prepare it; right you your own kitchen!

If you are sick or recovering from treatments like chemo or recovering from surgery and want to rebuild your immune system we can help train you and get you started.  We are a certified Whole Food Plant Based Company by Naked Food Magazine, and the Center for Nutritional Studies.

We would prepare and teach you to how to make delicious Plant Based Meals to get you started.  We will take you shopping and demonstrate what to look for, how to analyze labels and select the healthiest and most nutritious Whole Foods.  We will help you re-organize your daily life, restock your pantry and more. Have you always wanted a private gourmet chef to cook for you?  Well you have one now!  

When you are trying to Heal, it is not something that many can do alone.  We will work with you AND your family or support group to explain how a Plant Based Lifestyle can be integrated into your daily life and work with them to understand the benefits for YOU as well as for them.

Naturally, your doctor should be notified and even get involved.  We can meet with him/her to explain that this is NOT a medical treatment program but a Lifestyle Nutritional Program designed to restore your natural immune system and build a Whole Food nutritional base for the rest of your life!

YOU will have dedicated support counselor for up to a week; longer if you need us.  YOUR health is important to us and we will do whatever we can to support your efforts to regain your health.

Remember this is NOT a diet but a structured Lifestyle Change program that is intended to place you on the path to Health & Wellness for the rest of your life!

How we work:

We will drive to you. Yes, we love road tripping but really we will need to bring some of our basic supplies, tools and materials.  You would be expected to pay all travel/living expenses during our travel to/from your home in addition to our $600/day rate.  We currently restrict our programs to the Continental USA and parts of Canada.  It doesn't matter where you live as long as there is a decent road to your home and it is the good ol Continental USA (Canada, Alaska and Hawaii will also be considered).

We may need to take you shopping for some new items to support your new lifestyle.  If you are working to Reverse a chronic Disease, you will need a good juicer and maybe some improved kitchen appliances.  You will be responsible for all the supplies, food and condiments used during the training program.

Driving to you is cheaper than flying and we will be providing our own transportation.  Food/Meals? Well this is a total immersion program so we will dine together; enjoying the meals we will prepare together.  A local hotel will provide us with a place to sleep.

We would expect to have full access to you and your home while we are working with you.  We would NOT be there 24/7 but as needed; usually around meal times or during shopping supply runs. We would demonstrate tools & techniques that will support and aid your journey into a Plant Based Lifestyle.  We have an educational program on Powerpoint we use during our training but we will bring our own computer.  

Every program is fully customized to fit YOUR needs, abilities and cuisine preferences.  We often will take your favorite meals and 'adjust' them to improve their health benefits; this way you will be eating/tasting familiar foods.

Program Basics:

Nutritional Survey and Dietary Review

We will sit with you, one-on-one, to review your current dietary style, your common meal components and other dietary food intake.  Basically, a review of your common/current food choices, quantity and frequency of your eating patterns.

We will cover your food choices:

  • Your current food budget, including snacks and treats. 
  • Your dining patterns – how frequently you eat.
  • How often you dine at restaurants. 
  • Restaurants of choice
  • How frequently and which fast food establishments you frequent.

We will cover your current Lifestyle:

  • How often and what type of exercise
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  • Work Environment
  • Home Environment
  • Friends and Relationships
  • Spousal Relationships – specifically household member health conditions
  • Stress levels – as determined by home and work environments
  • Entertainment Choices
  • Hobbies
  • Habits

Once this assessment is completed we will prepare a proposed Lifestyle and dietary/meal program that will work best with your medical profile, previously established.  Because each individual is different, medically, physically, emotionally and lifestyle, each person will be suggest an individualized program to follow.

Food & Menu Planning

Based on the Nutritional Survey and Dietary Review, a dietary plan will be recommended.  We will offer meal plans and suggest food selections based upon your existing eating patterns but ones that will adjust your food intake and replace the unhealthier choices with ones that will encourage both weight loss as well as health improvement.

Exercise Program

An exercise program will be recommended.  This program will be aligned with your current abilities and capabilities and designed to NOT over-stress your physical ability.  It may gradually increase in intensity and duration depending upon your progress.

Typically, the exercise will focus on movement, not necessarily on high impact activities.  Simple fast paced walking is what is most beneficial but other forms of exercise may be suggested to support skeletal strength and muscle maintenance.  Yoga, Tai Chi or other moderate programs can be recommended based upon your home location and ability to attend the sessions.  We work closely with local health & fitness studios and may recommend one or more for your consideration.

No Gym memberships are required, although this may be helpful to join a more structured exercise regime.  In some cases, massage therapy may be recommended to help detoxify and promote lymphatic drainage; a key component in overall health.

These exercise programs and suggestions are optional and may incur additional costs to you.  If you are considered a ‘Senior Citizen’ you may be eligible for the Silver Sneakers programs offered at many of the Gyms around the Orlando Area. 

Basic and Advanced Program Details

Everyone is different and require varying levels of support with any medical and lifestyle program.  We offer these two levels to be more supportive to those who desire more personalized contact and support.  For some, specific dietary foods may be suggested to offer meal replacement alternatives, quick meal preparation and healthier snack alternatives.

Both Basic and Advanced programs include a copy of “Restoring America’s Health by Chef Nancy Stein.

Meal Replacement and Menu Plan

We utilize this readily available supply of excellent nutritional components to help our clients reduce weight quickly while maintaining a healthy metabolism and nutritional base. This kit works to help wean you off your Standard American Diet while we train you and help you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain your new Plant Based Healthstyle!

For the main meal (usually dinner), we will develop a menu/recipe plan that will fit with your lifestyle and preferred eating style.  These meal and menu plans will fit with your current lifestyle demands and provide nutrition, with easily prepared recipes that consist of many of your favorite meals; we just adjust the portion size and ingredients to provide a healthier version.

A new set of meal/recipe plans will be provided after each consultation and adjusted based on your success or difficulty with compliance in the previous period.

Dietary Lifestyle Program

In some cases, more assistance and support is needed for many combating a more severe health issue.  For those we offer additional support services, training and consultation. Because this program is focused upon Health and Food Choices, it may be daunting to many who have relied on fast food for their daily meals.  That must change and to do that, you must begin to prepare your own meals at home.

If you don’t cook or even don’t know how to cook, this can be a difficult situation, but we hope to make things easier.  We will provide actual hands-on cooking classes and instruction with Chef Nancy, a Plant Based Nutrition Certified Chef.  You will learn simple techniques and skills that will enable you to prepare healthier and more nutritious meals for the rest of your life.

You will learn healthily living practices that will last the rest of your life.  You will have more energy, better mental acuity, and in general, be a happier, healthier person.

Let US Help YOU!

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