Plant Based 4 You
We Make Housecalls!
We are Taking it On the Road!

We Are Bringing Our Whole Food Plant Based
Training to YOU!

Are you sick and don't know where to begin to truly Change your Lifestyle?  Are you receiving or undergoing Chemo Therapy,radiation or surgery for cancer?  Do you just want to stay well and NOT get seriously sick again?  DO you need to lose weight but can never seem to stick to a diet? Do you want to embrace the Plant Based Lifestyle and gain all the benefits but don't understand how to truly get started?

Yes, like NO other Lifestyle Coaching program ANYWHERE, we will come to YOU.  Skip is a lifestyle counselor who will work to get you started on the right path to Health & Wellness.  Certified Plant Based Chef and Author, Chef Nancy, will demonstrate and teach you how to prepare easy, delicious meals in Your OWN Home Kitchen!

You heard that right, WE will travel to YOU.  ALL you do is pay our expenses and a daily rate of $600 and we will visit Your Home, Set up Your Kitchen/Pantry and Teach you the basics of a Plant Based Lifestyle.  Yes, that includes teaching you the cooking basics of Plant Based Cuisine and HOW to prepare it; right you your own kitchen!

If you are sick or recovering from treatments like chemo or recovering from surgery and want to rebuild your immune system we can help train you and get you started.  We are a certified Whole Food Plant Based Company by Naked Food Magazine &

We would prepare and teach you to how to make delicious Plant Based Meals to get you started.  We will take you shopping and demonstrate what to look for, how to analyze labels and select the healthiest and most nutritious Whole Foods.  We will help you re-organize your daily life, restock your pantry and more. Have you always wanted a private gourmet chef to cook for you?  Well you have one now!  

When you are trying to Heal, it is not something that many can do alone.  We will work with you AND your family or support group to explain how a Plant Based Lifestyle can be integrated into your daily life and work with them to understand the benefits for YOU as well as for them.

Naturally, your doctor should be notified and even get involved.  We can meet with him/her to explain that this is NOT a medical treatment program but a Lifestyle Nutritional Program designed to restore your natural immune system and build a Whole Food nutritional base for the rest of your life!

YOU will have dedicated support counselor for up to a week; longer if you need us.  YOUR health is important to us and we will do whatever we can to support your efforts to regain your health.

Remember this is NOT a diet but a structured Lifestyle Change program that is intended to place you on the path to Health & Wellness for the rest of your life!

How we work:

We will drive to you. Yes, we love road tripping but really we will need to bring some of our basic supplies, tools and materials.  You would be expected to pay all travel/living expenses during our travel to/from your home in addition to our $600/day rate.  Standard program rates apply to whatever program you select.  We currently restrict our programs to the Continental USA.  It doesn't matter where you live as long as there is a decent road to your home and it is the good ol Continental USA (Canada, Alaska and Hawaii will also be considered).

We may need to take you shopping for some new items to support your new lifestyle.  If you are on our Disease Reversal program, you will need a good juicer and maybe some improved kitchen appliances.  You will be responsible for all the supplies, food and condiments used during the training program.

Driving to you is cheaper that flying and we will be providing our own transportation.  Food/Meals? Well this is a total immersion program so we will dine together; enjoying the meals we will prepare together.  Yes, we will do the cleanup and dishes!  A local hotel will provide us with a place to sleep.

We would expect to have full access to you and your home while we are working with you.  We would NOT be there 24/7 but as needed; usually around meal times or during shopping supply runs. We would demonstrate tools & techniques that will support and aid your journey into a Plant Based Lifestyle.  We have an educational program on Powerpoint we use during our training but we will bring our own computer.  

Every program is fully customized to fit YOUR needs, abilities and cuisine preferences.  We often will take your favorite meals and 'adjust' them to improve their health benefits; this way you will be eating/tasting familiar foods.

If you need special/extended help, we can offer your our more supportive, longer term assistance.  See our program a pathway to health here:

That's about it.

Just give us a call to schedule your Lifestyle Program today!
Email: [email protected] 407.680.3914

A short Selected Sample of Some of Our Meals

"Plant Based 4 Seniors"
Soon to be released in Fall of 2019
This will is a book for Seasoned Citizens who wish to restore their health, vitality and improve their longevity.  Including recipes and meal planning tips, we hope to follow Chef Nancy's successful book, "Restoring America's Health" with specific tips and articles for Senior Citizens.

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